4 Most Popular Lunch Dishes

Try These Weekend Brunch Dishes From Sainte-George Restaurant

Change up your breakfast routine with one of these popular dishes!

As you discover the majestic city of St. Augustine, Florida, make sure to have your stomach filled! Feast on Sainte-George Restaurant’s exquisite European-inspired American cuisine for every weekend lunch. Change up your breakfast routine with one of these popular dishes and make a reservation today!

eggs benedict

Sainte-George Eggs Benny

As you head down to our Sainte-George Restaurant for your weekend lunch, try out our signature Sainte-George Eggs Benny. This fulfilling plate is the perfect blend of creamy hollandaise and heavily favors! Soft on the outside, gooey from the inside, our version of a traditional eggs benedict is your go-to weekend lunch or breakfast dish; taste our eggs with a scrumptious sourdough muffin and our special house buttery sauce. Taste this once-in-a-lifetime dish now!

stuffed croissant

Stuffed Monte Cristo Croissant

Another one of our weekend lunch dishes guaranteed to tempt you is our Stuffed Monte Cristo Croissant! This buttery, housemade croissant filled to the brim with a generous serving of French ham and gruyere cheese practically melts in your mouth. One bite in, and your mouth is sure to be overwhelmed with flavors that render you speechless. Be sure to try this dish on your next visit to Sainte-George Restaurant for a weekend lunch!

hummus platter

Hummus Trio

If you’re looking for something healthy yet inviting, our Sainte-George Restaurant’s own Hummus Trio is just what you need! This weekend lunch speciality on our Starters menu is the epitome of picturesque and airy goodness; enjoy this chickpea, sweet potato and green pea dip served with various accompaniments! Check out our casual fine dining restaurant for a lighter weekend lunch selection!

short rib on plate

Short Rib and Poblano Hash

Is your stomach rumbling and wanting to dive into a meaty and hearty dish? Our own Short Rib and Poblano Hash is the perfect weekend lunch dish for you. The dish is incredibly delectable with tender pieces of short rib with housemade spices, topped with a sunny side up egg. If you’re planning for a weekend lunch at our casual fine dining eastery, this one is sure to offer you a wholesome experience.

Experience Sainte-George Restaurant’s Casual Fine Dining Dishes

Sainte-George Restaurant offers an impressive and exclusive range of dishes made with love and care. Enjoy our blissful flavors as you make memories at our restaurant with your loved ones. Join us for a weekend lunch anytime and prepare to be wowed by our European-inspired American cuisine!

Change up your breakfast routine with one of these popular dishes!